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J-Stels Products: StelsCSV – CSV Text JDBC, StelsDBF – DBF JDBC, StelsXML – XML JDBC, StelsMDB – MS Access JDBC, StelsEngine – in-memory JDBC

J-Stels Software Products: StelsCSV – CSV/Text JDBC driver, StelsXML – XML JDBC driver, StelsDBF – DBF JDBC driver, StelsMDB – MS Access JDBC driver, StelsEngine – in-memory JDBC driver

StelsDBF is a DBF JDBC type 4 driver that allows to perform SQL queries and other JDBC operations on DBF files (dBase III/ IV/ V, xBase, FoxPro). The driver is completely platform-independent and does not require installing additional client or server software to provide access to DBF files. It can be effectively used to create, process and export DBF databases in your Java applications.

Features: supports most keywords of ANSI SQL’92, supports inner and outer table joins, supports CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements, supports transactions, supports aggregate, numeric, string, conversion and user-defined SQL functions, platform independent.

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