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DarkMatter: Subspace – Windows XP Desktop Themes – Hyperdesk

Transform your Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable desktops with exciting themes, desktop themes, widgets, skins, icons, wallpapers and more. From Disney themes to Star Trek, Hyperdesk has them all.

From the artists who created Alienware’s phenomenally popular desktop themes (Invader, ALXMorph, Darkstar, Superman, Star Wars & others) comes a fresh invasion of galactically cool desktops – introducing The DarkMatter Trilogy. Three unbelievably slick hypersuites that completely transform your desktop into a super-futuristic, hi-tech environment.

DarkMatter: Subspace contains 2 distinct hyperthemes in both dark and alloy styles, a WMP/iTunes remote Yahoo! widget featuring mind-blowing animations that have to be seen to be believed, a futuristic icon set that includes 6 different folder sets (vertical and horizontal layouts), a sleek Windows Media player skin that will play video (and audio) and an amazing otherworldly high-resolution wallpaper. Part of the DarkMatter Trilogy of hypersuites. Currently available for Windows XP only.

You will need to download the free application, Yahoo! Widgets to use the hyper-animated audio remote. Download here.

Designed by The Skins Factory.

Copyright 2008. The Skins Factory, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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