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What’s Your Strategy?

Do YOU have what it takes to run a country?

Democracy is an intelligent and sophisticated game that will entertain you, but could also teach you a thing or two about politics as well. You may think that politics is about sticking to your principles no matter what, but in Democracy you’ll quickly see just how easy it is to “compromise” those principles to keep your seat in government and how hard it is to balance the conflicting priorities of your constituents.
Democracy starts with you in the role of President (or Prime Minister) of a modern country. Choose from twelve real countries, ranging from the United States to Australia. Each country is run as a democracy where you need to get over 50% of the vote in each election in order to remain in power and the popularity of your policies can affect your and your party’s future. The object of the game is to stay in power as long as possible while pursuing policies that will turn your country into your definition of a utopia. There are no limits to the number of terms you may serve, as long as you continue to be re-elected.
As the game progresses, you influence your constituent groups by putting new policies into place, changing existing policies and dealing with new and unexpected dilemmas. There are dozens of different policy areas in several general categories, including Foreign Affairs, Public Services, Taxes, Transport, Welfare and so on. Different voting groups will have very different and often conflicting views as to which policies are desirable. If you make your voters mad enough, in some countries you may even face the threat of revolution or assassination, so watch your step!
Can you keep your voters happy while keeping the budget balanced? Will you be re-elected or viewed as a one term failure? Play Democracy and find out!

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