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Tabs for PowerPoint – design multiple presentations within a tabbed window

Using Workbook Tabs for PowerPoint in Microsoft PowerPoint, users can easily open new presentations on the tab bar by several ways. Right click the tab and select “new” in the pop-up menu. Or you can double click Left Mouse Button on the blank area of Tab bar to create new document. The quick way is to double click on the blank area of the tab bar to open new slide. All opened presentations can be closed simultaneously only by one click. To close a presentation is so easy by right-click menu or double-click on the menu. Moreover, you don?t need to close presentations before rename this slide, its pop-up menu allows you to rename, save as, open and close presentation slideshow in a convenient way.
This office management add-in supports customizing 11 tabs styles and tab color in PowerPoint tabs setting center. The available styles can be Office 2000 style, Office 2003 style, Visio style, Visual Studio style, Office 2007 style and Access 2007 style and more. The tab bar can be moved to the head/foot/right/left of the presentation workspace by selecting the tabs bar location.
Keyboard shortcuts can be a highlight of this PowerPoint software, like press “Win + Q” to hide/show the tabs bar on PowerPoint interface, “Ctrl + Tab” to switch between tabs and “Alt + N” to select any slide tab on the tabs bar, and more. (N stands for the natural number from 1 to 9)
Presentation Tabs for PowerPoint is an important component of Office Tab, compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2007 installed on your Windows XP, Vista or Windows computer.
Using Tabs for PowerPoint, to better manage presentations, you can save space on the computer screen, as all opened presentation slideshow are compressed as tabs displayed on the task bar. Easy procedure and quick PowerPoint operation can be available, helping make work easy and save your time.

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