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Tabs for Excel – Open Multiple Workbooks in a Tabbed Window

This excel software has powerful features, like customization, excel keyboard shortcuts and easy mouse functions. It is easy to disable/enable the tabbed interface in Microsoft Excel, to adjust the tab bar colors, appearance and position, allowing users to preview their customizations in Excel Workbook Tabs’ Setting Center immediately.
Workbook Tabs for Excel also allows users to customize Excel keyboard shortcuts based on their personal preference, like press “Win + Q” to hide/display the Tabs bar, press “Ctrl + Tab” to quickly switch between Tabs or press “Alt + N” to quickly select the specific Tabs. The pop-up menu provides plenty of using excel functions such as Close, Save, Save as, rename, open excel workbooks in new sheet Window, lock workbooks, and more.
This excel management software will use asterisk to identify which workbook is modified and need to be saved. When you make some changes to excel data in a worksheet, the related tab of this worksheet will be automatically marked an asterisk (*) at the upper right corner of its name and indicates that this excel worksheet has been modified. The obvious asterisk (*) can be easily to identify and better helps you manage excel sheets with ease.
After install and setup this excel management software, when you open multiple workbooks, only one excel interface pops up and there will add an excel tab bar between the excel ribbon and workplace. How many workbooks you open, there will be the corresponding number of excel tabs listed on the excel tab bar. Workbook Tabs for Excel requires office 32-bit version and is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 on your Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer.
With this excel management software, it will cut much time spent in processing large excel spreadsheets and make office work much easier.

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