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Computer Monitoring Software, Spy Software, Keylogger – SoftActivity

Quality spy software and keylogger solutions for recording activity on a local or remote PC. Computer monitoring software to track employees work or your child

Spy software that runs invisible and records how computer has been used. Activity Logger records to the log file visited Internet URLs with web page titles, key strokes in email, chats and all applications, programs that user runs and work duration in every application. It can take screenshots in specified time interval, working like video surveillance camera.
Captured snapshots can be viewed later as a slide show. Log file from the monitored computer can be emailed to you silently when computer goes online. Have Internet, email and every application usage statistics.
Logging Engine cannot be terminated in Task Manager in Win 2000/XP/Vista without administrator permissions. Logger can be configured to pop up a warning message on startup and show icon in system tray. Logger configuration utility is protected with password.

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