German Dead Trapped Version


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1982, in a small town near Kansas, Missouri. In the course of sowing of a gen-manipulated new breed of corn a virus is created which turns the infected into soulless flesh eating monsters. Two students, Gerald and Mike, are faced with a terrifying scenario, as they pull over at a gas station near the place of the incident – not knowing that the virus has already reached the town and its people…

In this first-time ever tactical zombie survival game you need to search the village and its surroundings for any survivors in order to make it out alive.

Build your team with different skills and weapons, analyze the movement of the roaming zombie hordes and fight for your life.

Keep your guard up, as ammunition is scarce! You can use the environment and lure the zombies into manifold traps, but be careful: the dynamic A.I. has some deadly surprises waiting for you…


– Terrifying, cinematic game atmosphere
– Appealing tactical gameplay with numerous shock- and surprise elements
– Highly detailed locations
– 6 playable different characters
– Thrilling on- and offline multiplayer co-op mode
– Interactive and dynamic game environment
– Manifold weapons, gadgets and other items

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