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The Chick Whisperer “Lost Episodes”

Archive of the first nine episodes of The Chick Whisperer, featuring Steve ‘The Dean’ Williams as co-host.

Episode 1–The Chick Whisperer–Snaring Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

How is it that we as men snare defeat from the jaws of victory when it comes to attracting and keeping women? Getting our inner and outer game together involves starting with the right frame of mind and continuing with the focus to keep doing the right things
once we’re rolling. In between, we’ve got to target the right women, not just who’s convenient.

Episode 2–The Chick Whisperer–Downtime Between The Approach And The Date

McKay and “The Dean” talk about how to handle the time between asking a woman out and when the date actually happens…and come up with some surprising answers. Also, how to recognize a woman with a “stripper’s mentality” early enough not to get drawn in by her siren-like musings and left hanging by her power trips.

Episode 3–The Chick Whisperer–Being A Woman’s Friend…Without Being ‘Just’ A Friend

We all know by now that the “Just Be Friends Zone” is bad news. But what about when the sinister “Just” part is dropped from the equation? Does that change anything?

Episode 4–The Chick Whisperer–Be The Prize And Make Women ‘Score’ For A Change

Special Guest Michael The Dating Wizard. What has gotten into our brains as men such that we think that sex is the “prize”…and that we see women as “giving it up” to us? How would the world be different if we reframed our vision in order to see ourselves as the REAL “prize” to a great woman?

Episode 5–The Chick Whisperer–Rude Grrls

How do you handle women who are blatantly rude to you when you approach them? Is this an affront to your manhood? Also, tune in to a truly unique discussion on the pros and cons of age differences, courtesy of both the younger AND the older perspective.

Episode 6–The Chick Whisperer–Why We Get Bored With Girlfriends

We know we all should be confident, but how do we ACTUALLY get there? McKay and Dean are all over this topic, along with why guys tend to get bored sexually with girlfriends so quickly, how to arouse women over the phone and even how to frame other PUA’s advice about “entourage game” and “peacocking”.

Episode 7–The Chick Whisperer–Dealing With Competition From Other Guys

It happens to all of us at one point or another, and none of us likes when it happens…yet women judge us by our reaction to it when it does. Find out exactly what to do when another guy tries to horn in on a conversation you are having with a woman you just met.

Episode 8–The Chick Whisperer–How To Date Multiple Women At The Same Time…And Why

Special Guest Joseph South. Are you stuck in a rut of ‘serial dating’? Spending a large block of time with one woman only to find out weeks or months later that she isn’t the right one for you is near the top of the list of life’s frustrations. Find out from the hosts and their guest why dating more than one woman at once is not only easier than you might think, but in fact preferable.

Episode 9–The Chick Whisperer–Man Haters And Enjoying The Scenery

When a woman is negative toward men, she often wonders where all the good men are. Scot and ‘The Dean’ talk about exactly how this attitude affects guys who would potentially be interested, and what the flip-side of this scenario looks like.

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