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Addicted to twitter? Now you can post your current location to twitter automatically using your GPS or network location. Simply setup the app and let this little app do the rest. Your location will be calculated using your GPS and network coordinates and human readable address will be posted onto twitter.

Here is a typical walk through of the app

1-Run the application
2-Give your Twitter User-name and Password
3-Give an automatic time interval, for example 5 minutes
4-Enable the service

Now your phone will tweet your location after every five minutes.

Afraid of auto tweet? Don’t worry. You can disable the auto tweet feature and can manually tweet your location description whenever you feel like. The application runs in the background and does not bother you during your normal working.

Do people call you several times a day asking “Where are you?”? Tell them to follow you on twitter and keep tweeting your location using “Tweet My Location”.

Are you in a city that you don’t know much? You can tell your friends automatically, what place you are visiting right now. Traveling is fun with “Tweet My Location”. Amaze your friends with the frequency with which you can tweet about your current location.

Make sure you allow all permissions to this app right after installation. You can give permissions by going to Options—Applications—Tweet My Location – Edit Permissions and allow all the permissions in case your app isn’t working.

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