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Welcome to The Treasures of Mystery Island, an outstanding hidden object game! In The Treasures of Mystery Island, you take the role of Alex, a courier, who flies his cargo over the Atlantic Ocean when his talisman starts glowing. A horrible storm and lightning strike Alex’s plane… and then Alex finds himself on the Mystery Island. He has much work to do now and it is up to you to guide him through the jungle of the Mystery Island. The Treasures of Mystery Island is not just an ordinary hidden object game. You will have to find the pieces of different objects and then use them to solve challenging puzzles. Help the natives put all the objects in their proper place and they will be glad to give a helping hand. But it is not the only thing you have to do. You have to collect all the items that were scattered all round the Island in order to deliver the goods to your 24 clients and, of cause, save your good name.

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