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C++ Obfuscator – obfuscate C and C++ code

c and c++ obfuscator for making C or C++ code difficult to understand.

Stunnix CXX-Obfus is very advanced cross-platform
(Windows, MacOS X and any Unix are supported!) professional
obfuscator (encoder, scrambler) – solution for protecting intellectual
property that makes unreadable and unreworkable C/C++ code,
with advanced GUI – Project Manager –
supporting projects with files that arbitrarily heavy use preprocessor
directives and macros, spanning several directories,
mixing C and C++ languages that use any dialect of C/C++.
The GUI has ActiveX symbols extraction tool included. All functionality
can be reached via very flexible and powerful commandline interface.

It has full support for keeping library source files code uses in
non-obfuscated (original) form.

Includes means to make analysis of changes between different
releases of the obfuscated product more difficult.

Names of macros and their definitions also become obfuscated.

Includes unique support for very easy preparation of code for obfuscation.
Source compression mode is also supported. Comes with exception tables for
common C and C++
libraries: ANSI C standard library, ISO C standard library, ISO C++
standard library (with and without STL symbols), POSIX standard v.2,
UNIX95 standard, XPG3 standard, XPG4 standard, X Window System release
5, Motif user interface toolkit.

Includes several configurable obfuscation engines for symbol names, strings
and integers.

Supports multiple case-sensitive and case-insensitive exception tables,
user-specified symbol mapping.

Included GUI has well-known IDE and “projects” concept.

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