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textBEAST Clinical Scribe

textBEAST Clinical Scribe main page, outlining key features and benefits of this useful Windows software application to facilitate generation of medical/clinical notes and reports, which can be exported to an electronic medical record.

Nearly every task these days requires typing, and much of it is repetitive, especially if you are in certain professions. Accurate documentation is essential but can become very time consuming. Are you ready to tame your text beast?

textBEAST clipboard manager is on your side, and can markedly simplify typing and documentation. Any text, whether one letter or many pages in length, can be copied and stored so that it can be quickly found and pasted into any document. Just press a button to copy text into textBEAST. Next time you need it, press a button to paste it into your document, whether it is a web form, spreadsheet, text editor, or any window that accepts text.

The real power of textBEAST is that it is designed for the professional who needs to save and paste clips on a regular basis and do it quickly, without having to use a search function to find what is needed. Stored material can be logically organized any way that the user desires and can be easily rearranged.

Version 3 adds new features: “Auto Clipboard” automatically copies and saves the last 20 items copied into the Windows clipboard. Screen capture lets you grab screenshots and view them. Full Windows Vista/7 compatibility allows use with User Account Controls (UAC).

For the “power user”. textBEAST Pro can save an unlimited number of files, each with 1,800 text clips (or 900 with labels), organized into 10 “libraries”, each containing 9 “pages”, each with 20 textboxes. Simple and intuitive to use.

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