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Ray Pack Gamma Playstation Darkmatter: preview. Click for more details

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable Themes – Hyperdesk

Transform your Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable desktops with exciting themes, desktop themes, widgets, skins, icons, wallpapers and more. From Disney themes to Star Trek, Hyperdesk has them all.

The DarkMatter: Gamma Ray PlayStation Pack includes 2 themes (Dark & Alloy Editions) for the PS3 & 1 PSP theme. Over 50 new subcategory icons for both the PS3 & the PS, plus cursors for browsing the web. If you thought the themes looked incredible on your PC’s desktop, wait until you see them on a HD TV. Make sure to check out the other DarkMatter themes on sale now. You can save money on all 3 when you select The DarkMatter Trilogy Pack for PLAYSTATION.

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