Singleuser Strokereader

Works with physical RS232 and RS485 ports, USB-to-Serial bridges, weighting machines and USB bar code scanners with serial port emulation.
Practically unlimited serial data buffering capability useful with slow VB applications.
Event-driven, asynchronous data reception. There is no need to poll the component for incoming data. The user needs to provide a small event handler procedure to receive incoming data.
Programmatic DTR and RTS control via component properties.
Simple access to DSR and CTS pin states via component properties.
Asynchronous data transmission. The user program could send some big data block or blocks to the control and they will be sent through the serial port in background. The second option is to provide the callback function which will load and send the data by small portions.
Sends the notification messages then the USB-to-Serial bridge is disconnected from PC and the virtual serial port made unavailable.
Works with binary and text serial data reception modes. User application receives binary arrays in binary mode and text strings in text mode.
Automatic reconnection with RS232/RS485 USB adapters upon device attachment.

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