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CryptoCrat 2005. Encryption Software. Shred, Password, File

CryptoCrat 2005 for Windows. Strong encryption utility you’ll find on the internet. Allows you to encrypt several files into single archive, shred (safely remove files from your computer), make encrypted .exe files (self unpacking encrypted files)

CryptoCrat is a program for protecting important files by encryption with
It allows creating a single encrypted archive, containing confidential data,
to work with.

Main program’s features:

* Strong Encryption (16 encryption algorithms: AES, Serpent, Twofish and etc)
* Ability to compress data before encrypting
* Keeping multiple files/folders inside the encrypted archive
* Two panes Explorer like interface with ability to copy files between panes
(folder to folder, folder to archive, archive to folder)
* Simple interface mode (single archive pane) for novices
* Ability to securely delete source files after encryption (wipe)
* Ability to protect file list by password inside the encrypted archive
* Ability to encrypt/decrypt/shred files from Explorer’s Context Menu

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