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Stamp Collecting Inventory Software + Scott Catalog #s

Inventory your stamp collection with StampManage Stamp Collecting Software. Includes SCOTT #s and 303,000 stamp listings from USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, UN, etc..

Use StampManage stamp collecting software to catalog and value your USA, UN, Australian and Canadian stamp collection. StampManage is licensed by SCOTT(tm) to use their industry standard numbering system. Includes a huge database of over 70,000 stamp varieties complete with 54,000 images, and indexed by the Scott numbering system. Version 2005 now includes an integrated Report Designer that lets you create your own reports. Reports can now be exported to PDF, Excel, HTML and many other formats. Easily attach images, files and URL links to your records. Create sophisticated custom queries and view or print the results. View your collection in many different ways, by month of purchase, perforation, color, and more. StampManage includes complete up-to-date values in several different grading categories. Our eBay(tm) Search feature makes it easy to search for one or more stamps by SCOTT number. View stamp records in your Internet Browser, export entire lists of stamps (with images) to HTML for easy viewing in your browser. Use our Find feature to search your collection or the program database for keywords or phrases.

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