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textBEAST Clinical Scribe

textBEAST Clinical Scribe main page, outlining key features and benefits of this useful Windows software application to facilitate generation of medical/clinical notes and reports, which can be exported to an electronic medical record.

TextBEAST Pro clipboard+image+capture adds image/graphics capabilities to textBEAST Clipboard+’s unrivaled text management features. Now you can clip and manage both text and images with the same intuitive textBEAST interface!

Copy, capture, save, store and paste text and images with push-button and drag-drop simplicity. Organize your collection into meaningful fast-access categories so you can easily find what you are looking for. Copy and paste text into other windows to simplify and speed many daily tasks including emails, reports, and forms. Copy images from other windows and paste them into any window that accepts graphics.

Use mouse-over thumbnail previews of text and images (small and large) to quickly preview content, and a separate edit window for a full view of text, image, or text+image in a sizeable window or full-screen slide show. View images in actual size or zoom to fit the window, including full screen.

Manage all of your text and pictures. Organize your photo collection. Create an unlimited number of database files, each with 10 libraries of 9 pages/buttons, each page with 10 textboxes and 10 image boxes. Use the textboxes to label or describe the images, or separately as a text database.

Includes automatic web page launching for stored web addresses, screen and window capture with cropping, and a great organizer to rearrange your material. Import image files directly from Windows Explorer and export all pictures on a page into any open folder.

Designed to meet all of your text/graphics needs. Great for image collectors!

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