The Guide To #xy107 Cooler Than Salesguy Being Engineer’s


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How To Be Cool | Become Popular With Women | Gain Respect From Peers

How to be cool: Want to learn how to become the kind of guy who can earn the respect and admiration of everyone around him? It’s all about the ever-elusive trait of coolness. But what does being a cool guy really mean? Join Scot McKay from X & Y Communications as he shares every secret he has discovered as a fellow traveler on the quest to defining coolness. Having spent countless hours on research and done literally dozens of character studies, the results of all his work are now yours in this new audio program entitled The Engineer’s Guide To Being Cooler Than The Salesguy. How do you define cool? Get ready for non-stop rapid-fire answers all in an entertaining and engaging context.

The most comprehensive program ever produced on the subject of becoming a cooler guy. Discover the elusive traits and attitudes that separate the cool guys from everyone else. Scot McKay’s easy-going style combined with a practical, objective format allows anyone to start applying this program’s principles and strategies TODAY.

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