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File Compare and File Merging Software – SwiftCompare for Files, Folders and Directories.

SwiftCompare is a visual file comparison tool that makes it easy to merge and synchronize files and folders. Giving you complete control, this powerful file compare software lets you do things your own way while also being simple enough to please the novice user. The ultimate tool for comparing and merging files, folders and directories, SwiftCompare is ideal for managing source code, keeping folders in Sync, restoring corrupt data, and more.

SwiftCompare is a utility to Compare Files and Folders and Merge/Synchronize the differences between them. What makes SwiftCompare distinctive is the presence of a very customizable Compare and Merge Engine(CME), allowing the user to Compare and Merge/Synchronize Folders and Files the way he likes. SwiftCompare can be used to Manage Source code, keep Folders in Sync, Verify Data, Restore corrupt Data, and much more.

Some of the Main and distinctive features are :

– [Folders] : Rich and customizable Comparison options, Single-click Folder Synchronization, Various difference levels, Files’ include/exclude Filters, Right-click Context menu for common operations, Backing up important Folders before Sync/Copy operations, taking care of incompatibilities in different File Systems.

– [Files] : Fully capable in-place Text Editor with Syntax highlighting, typical Editor operations like cut/copy/paste, find/replace, undo/redo, and more. Fully customizable Diff Engine with options to ignore Source code comments, whitespaces : leading, trailing etc., Difference Merging : Merge all, single line, Diff Block, or selected text, Visual Diff Viewer to giva a visual snapshot of overall differences in Files, Support for both Unicode and MBCS Files, and a lot more.

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