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DB Maker was created to solve numerous problems in the extraction of information from text, HTML, rss, xml and other files, and for creating databases in a form amenable for subsequent processing

Every company has a huge amount of valuable information stored in various files, address books and other records, which, however is usually of a raw and random nature. The Web Servers of business corporations, industrial groups, governmental agencies, universities and information agencies also contain vast amounts of precious data only readable in certain formats, and it takes a lot of time and effort in order for them to become accessible. It’s an open secret that the Internet is a treasure trove of information. But the question is how to put it to work for you.

Vista has recently engineered a whole new class of software applications designed to process and work with just such random information. The DB Maker is a big novelty because it can process any type of random data regardless of the company’s line of business, whether it be stock quotations, messaging, distribution, marketing material, etc.
There is special software that is used to download information from the Internet. Based on user ratings, Asona’s Website Extractor is one of the best such applications on the market today (see This search robot has been shown to outperform virtually all of its rivals.

Much time and money is required to manually edit a large amount of files. This is precisely why the DB Maker is such a handy item. This application can save you a lot of time and earn you extra money, two of the most valuable assets for your company. The software is designed for ease of utilization by the largest possible number of users. Using the DB Maker will help you get a handle on large external information flows and make them an integral part of your mainstream business database. Constantly updating and staying abreast with current information is a critical factor for any business today. The program will become a connecting link between corporate databases and raw, random information.

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