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Dont waste your time on going to phone menu and choosing the wanted function: just dial a short number with SpeedDial + and the action will be performed. Even with one hand you can use your own speed dial number that will perform the pre-defined action very fast.
General information
SpeedDial+ application creates unlimited number of your own speed dial numbers. Using Speed Dial+ you can quickly open any application, make a phone call or send SMS to a desired recipient.

The application supports the following speed dial types:

Set speed dial to open the predefined application
Set speed dial to Change the status of your Bluetooth
Set speed dial to Create the shortcut with single key combination
Set speed dial to Send the message (SMS, MMS, E-Mail) to the appropriate contact
Set speed dial to Change the phone settings
Set speed dial to open the webpage
Set speed dial to open contact information
Set speed dial to Open the document like Work, Sheet etc.

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