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Full Version Argocloak


Full Version Argocloak preview. Click for more details

ARGO SEO content generator | Doorway | PBN | WordPress Auto Blogging

ARGO is able to create Websites or Blogs automatically in a matter of seconds! The most sophisticated SEO content generator on the market will save you time and effort. WordPress Auto Blog, PBN and Doorway creator all in one SEO tool.

This WordPress plugin provides the 3 most common cloaking methods: User Agent/Referrer and IP cloaking with additional rDNS checks and an option to mask the redirect url, aswell as a white and blacklist function. Comes with a list of thousands of spider IP subnets and User Agent strings.

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Full Argo Compiler Code Version Plugin


Full Argo Compiler Code Version Plugin preview. Click for more details

Plugins | ARGO Content

With this plugin ARGO can compile user supplied C# code dynamically in runtime. The assembly will be compiled and executed directly in memory. When site generation is running, ARGO will do its work, then pass the current page as string to the user code and expect a string in return with the modified input data. This enables you to completely manipulate the page output and gives unlimited possibilities for modification of the content.

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Full Version Raider Proxy


Full Version Raider Proxy preview. Click for more details

Proxy Raider – Next Generation Proxy Scanner and Proxy Scraper

Next generation Proxy Scanner and Scraper. Get thousands of google verified proxies in a matter of minutes. It can scan IP ranges from class A to C or scrape proxy sites for IPs. What makes it unique is that it can de-obfuscate sites that use javascript or css to protect the proxy ip’s from scraping.

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Full Version Argocontent


Full Version Argocontent preview. Click for more details

ARGO content generator

ARGO content is a website generator that allows you to create websites and themes fully automated. The software literally creates thousands of pages in seconds. It has many features such as markov + text spinning, synonymization with thesaurus, sitemap and rss feed creation, aswell as theme support to create own css themes. You can use any existing themes and modify them for use with ARGO content.

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